Startup Steward Programme

Our Story as Startup Lawyers in HK

We are a law firm that looks like a startup: a visionary leader, a young team and an entrepreneurial spirit. If your company shares these values, we are likely to work optimally as your lawyers for your Hong Kong startup. We set out to protect business owners and dreamers from legal risks, and smooth out their journey to success.

Since 2018, our Startup Steward Programme has nurtured 100+ high-growth companies, including trailblazers in FinTech and crypto, and industry leaders in their own right. Our Startup Steward Programme won Bronze Award for Startup of the Year – Business Services at the CEO and Executive World Awards 2021.

We acknowledge being a startup or startup-minded is fun, but we exist to also minimise your risk all the way along. Apart from innovational ideas and robust business models, as a startup, the legal aspects will impact on all decisions of your team. If you get them wrong, or correct them too late, it could create a host of problems, from loss of time or revenue to unnecessary law suits with competitors or other parties at stake.

So why bear all the risks yourselves? Put your best effort and time into your products and operations, and let professionals do the rest. All you need are Hong Kong lawyers who know about the startup ecosystem inside out. Besides preparing legal documents such as agreements and term sheets, or providing legal advice on various critical points of your business, we equip your team with knowledge relating to running your startup business successfully in Hong Kong.

JC Legal helps startup founders navigate the pitfalls and peaks of starting a company from the legal side. Bespoke service proposal available upon request. Get your proposal.

“We enjoyed working with the JC Legal team and their professionalism ensured we got the deal done!”

Craigie Pearson

In-house Legal Counsel, Bespoke Hotels

Legal Protection

  • Complimentary commercial templates
  • Trademark registration in Hong Kong
  • 4 hours of Hong Kong legal advice per month

Capacity Building

  • Discounted offers at co-working spaces
  • Access to affiliate solutions from strategic service partners in corporate service, accounting, taxation, recruitment etc.
  • Exclusive training opportunities through JC Legal and industry events

Marketing Exposure

  • Publish articles on JC Legal blog
  • Exclusive feature interviews on JC Legal blog and Startup Stories podcast
  • Speak at JC Legal and industry events to inspire and reach a global audience

Global Outreach

  • Networking opportunities with current and previous participants
  • Access to JC Legal cross-border professional networks in Hong Kong, ASEAN and UK

Your Commitment

01 Monthly fee (exclusive of disbursements)
02 Renewable term of 6 or 12 months
03 Billed quarterly

Add-on Services

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