08 Dec 2020 by Kimberly Ann Dasse

Does Santa Wear a Mask?

Like many children our age, presents “only” came twice a year:  birthdays and Christmas.  There were no random visits to malls to update our supply of toys.  Sure, there was the occasional surprise by a visiting gramma or relative, but the marker of the kid-year was your birthday as the warm-up with Christmas being the big game.

That being the case, Santa was the man.  He was the bearer of gifts.  His presence operated in the back of your mind – you made sure not to annoy him, especially once Autumn rolled in and once December hit, we were all grins and smiles and cooperation:  need help washing the dishes, mom?  I’d love to dry.

So, we are left to wonder, in the time of COVID-19, will Father Christmas make his rounds?  Will he stay in the North Pole on lockdown?  Will he socially distance himself from us?  Will he wear a mask?

Pere Noel is more than a bearer of gifts.  He is the spirit of generosity, kindness, and self-sacrifice.  Of course he will make his rounds!  His spirit has never left us, rather it is us who have abandoned him with the annual craziness around the “must-do list”.  The endless obligations dragging us down.

It is possible that, perhaps, this year we will not wear a shimmery dress at a fancy party.  We may not drink too much champagne and kiss under the mistletoe.  The rush of visiting family may ebb considerably.  Instead, we may be lucky enough to have time to relax and watch a holiday classic with the kids.  Perhaps we will make those gingerbread men from scratch this year and take great joy in decorating them.  Or maybe we will have time to reflect on the year that 2020 has been in cosy pyjamas sipping a nice cup of tea.

At JC Legal we wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best for a healthy 2021!

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